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Founded in 2015 by graphic designer Ulla Klopf and artist Ute Baurecker, PABUKU – The Quirky P greeting cards is the first label offering such a wide range of event- and statement cards, far away from heteronormative stereotypes, with subtle images packed with wit and verve. Influenced by the aesthetics of handlettering and woodcut with a passion for letterpress printing and tactile paper and the background of handcrafted quality, more than one hundred years old illustrations from the Victorian time are selected with lots of love and with an eye on tiny details to be rearranged as storytelling images in the line with the maxim "Normal is just an Illusion“. At the same time these whimsical images give plenty of space for individual interpretation and a very personal touch to each card. Prime quality in design, content, appealing haptics and print, up to the compostable transparent packaging make the magic of PABUKU’s greeting cards.